mA, mV, V, Count, Rate, VAC, AAC, Potentiometer
T/c's and RTD's
Load Cells and Strain Gauges
Panel or Field Mount
Frequency, Pulse, Quadrature, Clocks
ASCII, Modbus, BCD, Binary, Gray Code
Digital and Analogue Totaliser Integrators
Instrotech large digit displays
20, 38, 57, 100, 125, 280mm High Digits
For Panel Indicators
Instrotech make and supply programmable indicators for most analogue and digital inputs for accurate measurement and display of temperature, pressure, strain gauge, level, flow, frequency, volts, amps, speed, rate and total. Firmware and hardware options include up to 4 relay setpoints, analogue or digital retransmission, integration and linearisation. Standard indicators are DIN size 48 x 96mm, but the range also includes mini and extra-large displays.

There are 25 models of IP65 DIN size 48 x 96mm panel meters with 4, 5½, 6 or 8 digit LED displays. Universal process indicators are selectable for mA, mV, V, potentiometer, counting and frequency inputs. Temperature Indicators are for thermocouple and RTD inputs with accurate sensor linearisation. The range includes 6-digit low-cost Digital Input models for counting, dual channel frequency and speed, period, flow, timing, totalising and quadrature applications, as well as Integrators for analogue and digital inputs.

Many different hardware and firmware Options are available including plug-and-play alarm boards with up to 4 relays, vertical bar graph displays and serial or analogue outputs.

Large Displays with 57, 100, 125 and 280mm high digits are made with 3 to 8 digits depending on the type and may have optional Wireless Links to act as remote displays.

Loop Powered LCD indicators in panel mount and field mount housings are made with 3½ digits. The IP65 Multi-function 6004MF indicating transmitter has 8 different modes for weighing applications.

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