Load Cell Calibrator and Tester, Calog-LC II

Load cell tester and calibrator

CALOG-LC II is a calibration instrument for testing load cells, system measurement and simulation, load cell measurement and simulation, with isolated analogue retransmission.

This unique hand-held load cell calibrator tester is quick and easy to set up and use - with simple to follow graphic displays, on-board connection diagrams and long-lasting built-in rechargeable Li-ion batteries. CALOG units have the user-friendly 'key-per-digit' function to simplify numeric selection by means of five individual up/down keys.

Data may be logged to the removable SD card in CSV format, with user-selectable data fields and timebase. Logged data may also be downloaded via the USB port.

Recalibration facilities are available from Instrotech or an approved laboratory via the factory supplied calibration access code. CALOG calibrators comply with CE and C-Tick EMC and EMI and Low Voltage directives. All CALOG calibrators are supplied in a case with test leads, mains charger and non-slip rubber boot for the UL94 V-O flame-retardant ABS plastic IP54 dust and splash proof housing.

CALOG-LC II also doubles as a portable 5-digit load cell display - so testing and calibation of load cells, amplifiers and systems may be done using a single high-accuracy instrument.

  • Small, rugged, handheld with a protective rubber cover
  • Graphic display of measured value, percent and battery status
  • Measure, source and simulate 0-24mA with 0.01% FS accuracy and 0.001mA resolution
  • Measure, source and simulate -4.5 to 35.000mV with 0.01% FS accuracy and 0.001mV resolution
  • Measure 20V with 0.01% FS accuracy and 0.001V resolution
  • Measure 0 to 2000.0 ohms with 0.03% FS accuracy and 0.1 ohms resolution
  • Trend logging with programmable timebase
  • Datalogging to SD card with programmable fields and times
  • USB port for access to logged data
  • Displays values in mA and unist of mass
  • Programmable auto-off and selectable display resolution
  • Lithium Ion battery pack with 'fuel gauge' chip
  • User adjustable excitation voltage
  • Carry case, battery charger, SD card, test leads and factory calibration certificate
  • 2 year warranty, excluding batteries
Load Cell Test:
Detects, tests and displays from 4 or 6 wire load cells
Zero Balance
Input Ohms
Output Ohms
Balance +Ohms
Balance -Ohms
Insulation Test:
Displays the insulation tests as 1000 MΩ or less with an accuracy of 5%
Bridge to Shield
Bridge to Housing
Shield to Housing
Input RangesImpedanceResolution
0 to 2000 Ω0.1 Ω
0 to 24 mAInput Impedance 100 Ω1 µA
0 to 12 VInput Impedance 500 Ω1 mV
-4.5 to 35 mVInput Impedance 500 kΩ1 µV
Output RangesImpedanceResolution
0 to 24 mAOutput Impedance 600 Ω1 µA
-4.5 to 35 mVOutput Impedance 500 Ω1 µV
These menus:perform these functions:
Test Load Cellwiring, zero balance, input and output impedance, balance - and balance +
Insulation Test50V test of screen and housing, 0 to 5000 Mohms
Measure mVwith excitation measure On or Off, measure mA On or Off
Measure mV and Masswith excitation Measure or Set, units of mass, zero and span, measure mA On or Off
Source mVwith excitation measure On or Off, measure mA On or Off
Source mV and Masswith excitation Measure or Set, mV, units of mass, zero and span, measure mA On or Off
Source Mass and mVwith excitation Measure or Set, units of mass, zero and span, mV, measure mA On or Off
Simulate mAoutputs isolated mA, 0 - 20mA
Simulate mA and Massisolated 0/4 - 20mA, units of mass, zero and span
Simulate Mass and mAunits of mass, isolated 0/4 - 20mA , zero and span
LC Displayindicates from load cells in units of mass or mV's with 5 digit resolution
DatalogUser enters: By, Tag, Item, Start Time, Stop Time, Interval to log
Settingsset power On or auto Off, select English or Germany language menus, backlighting On, Off or Auto, sound On or Off, LCD contrast, set date & time, view battery status, view last calibration date, enter lab re-calibration code
Helpshows wiring diagrams for the various Test, Measure, Source and Simulate functions
Convertconversion calculator from kg, g, t, ton, tonUK, lb, oz to any other of these units

Calog-LC II load cell calibrator

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Load cell tester
Calog-LC II load cell tester screens
Load cell calibrator
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Calog load cell calibrator functions
Calog load cell calibrator functions

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