Temperature Indicator

Thermocouple and RTD Temperature Indicator
Rotary Temperature Switches for RTDs and Thermocouples
Model 4003 
is a 4 digit (-1999 to 9999) LED Universal Temperature Indicator that may be used in any application where temperature needs to be displayed and controlled. This DIN 48 x 96mm, high accuracy, high-quality panel meter is designed for accurate measurement and display of temperature from thermocouple Types J, K, N, R, S, T, W5 and from PT100 RTD's in ºC, ºF or K. Ni100 RTD is available as an option as well as other thermocouple types.

The thermocouple and RTD signals are accurately linearised by the internal micro-controller. Options include programmable analog output, single, dual, three and four alarms, peak hold, RS232 or RS485 output. The analog output is rangeable from the front pushbuttons. This instrument meets CE and C-Tick EMC and EMI and Low Voltage directives.

  • DIN 48 x 96 enclosure, 147mm deep
  • 14.2mm high bright red LED display (optional green)
  • -1999 to 9999 counts (4 digit display)
  • Touch button programmable
  • Programmable to display in ºC, ºF or K
  • Programmable for TC Types J, K, N, S, R, T, W5
  • Programmable for PT100 RTD's
  • Low cost - high performance design
  • ‘Plug and Play’ feature available with selected options
  • Analog output option with programmable zero and span
  • RS232 and RS485 communication option
  • Other thermocouple types and RTD's available as an option
Temperature Indicator for Thermocouples and RTD’s
Instrotech Temperature Indicator for Thermocouples and RTD’s
For all input and output options, hardware and firmware functions, please see 

Models SW-4, SW-6 and SW-12 
are manual rotary panel mount units for switching a number of RTD and Thermocouple signals to one common output.  Switching is made by a gold contact switch mounted on the front of the 1/8th DIN housing.  Models SW-4 and SW-6 may be used with RTDs and TCs, while SW-12 is for use only with Thermocouples.  No power is required and no indication is provided, so these temperature switches are ideal for use with panel meters such as our Model 4003 48 x 96mm Temperature Indicators.

  • 48 x 96mm DIN size
  • 45 x 92mm panel cutout size
  • Gold plated switch contacts
  • SW-4      4-position 3-wire switch
  • SW-6      6-position 2-wire switch
  • SW-12  12-position 1-wire switch
Instrotech temperature switch for Tc and RTD
Instrotech Temperature Switch
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